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Vegetarianism and feeding more people

This depends on several factors. This answer uses Cowspiracy as a source, which in turn uses several reputable sources as source. I will state the sources of these sources in small under the quotes. ...
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Are insects a feasible source of proteins for the new millennium?

According to the FAO report, crickets have a live weight feed conversion ratio of 1.7. This means 1kg of live cricket requires 1.7kg of feed. Crickets are approximately 80% edible, giving a feed-to-...
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How would a widespread plant-based diet influence the maximum sustainable human population on earth?

The 2013-study "Redefining agricultural yields: from tonnes to people nourished per hectare" by Cassidy et al. from the University of Minnesota investigates this question. The authors state that ...
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Best environmentally friendly dairy free milk?

There is one study that I stumbled upon recently. Of course I'm unable to verify this myself, but some trustworthy media like The Guardian and New York Times have articles citing it. According to ...
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How would a widespread plant-based diet influence the maximum sustainable human population on earth?

I did a report on vegetarianism in college, and back then-- when I had access to a university library-- I found that we would increase our global food supply by at least 40%, enough to sustain another ...
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Best way to get rid of the smell of cooking flesh (meat)?

The best is always to communicate with your housemates. Try to be calm and tell them that the smell is making you nauseous. If there's a kitchen fan, politely ask them if they can please turn it on ...
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Vegetarianism and feeding more people

Yes, this concept is called "carrying capacity" and it has been studied. One person going vegetarian frees up enough resources to feed one extra vegetarian. In other words, it takes about twice as ...
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