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What is a good source of Vitamin B12 for a vegan?

My understanding is that Vitamin B12 is a vitamin that vegetarians and meat eaters get from animals and animal products; how can I obtain this vitamin as a vegan? Can I live without it safely?
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Is Omega 3 missing from vegan diets?

Is Omega 3 missing from vegan diets? Are there any food supplements that provide Omega 3 not derived from animals?
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How to be healthy during a vegan pregnancy?

What health recommendations for during pregnancy can be made to vegans? Many doctors recommend eating fish and/or meat. How could a pregnant person get the necessary nutrients on a vegan diet?
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Is Vitamin A plentiful in cooked or raw vegetables?

I have been under word-of-mouth impression that while vitamin A is most replete in meats, a vegan who eats nutrient rich vegetables or sweet potatoes and carrots intakes their full share. However, the ...
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How can I determine how much protein I need in a vegan diet?

As I'm going vegan, I need to replace protein from meat with plant proteins. When I was eating meat, I didn't pay any attention to how much protein I ate. But in a vegan diet, I feel that I would have ...
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Do commercial chicken's eggs contain B12?

If chickens are fed with only treated grain, where do they obtain vitamin B12 from? Are these eggs a good source of vitamin B12?
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Are vegetarian and vegan macronutrient needs the same as in traditional diets?

Are the recommended macronutrient ratios the same for vegetarians, vegans, and people eating meat? Does the fiber content or the nutrient density of plant foods change the recommended calorie intake ...
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Is iron deficiency anemia more common among vegans?

Is iron deficiency (and more severely, iron deficiency anemia) more prevalent among vegans? I've heard people say that it's important to eat red meat to get iron, but I've also heard several anecdotes ...
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How can I modify a fruitarian + dairy diet to provide sufficient vitamins, minerals and protein?

I am a man with 37 Yrs and average body type with almost 80kg weigth with this amount protein needs (based of this site): I am trying to follow a fruitarian diet with some modifications such as ...
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Is it necessary to take supplements when starting with vegetarianism?

I reduced meats some months ago and about a month ago I decided to go vegetarian. My objective is to go raw-vegan in the future. I have researched a bit and some sources recommend taking vitamin D, ...
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Are vegetarian and vegan micronutrient needs the same as traditional diets?

Inspired from this question about macronutrients, here I propose the analogue for micronutrients: are vegetarian and vegan micronutrient needs the same as traditional diets? Does any factor in vegan ...
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What nutrients can only be found in meat?

I have heard vitamins such as B12 can only be found in meat. Are there any other nutrients as well? Do you have to then take pills for B12 (as an example) to supplement your diet as a vegetarian/vegan?...
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