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Following vegetarian diets while pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or while nursing.

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Is eating soy linked to birth defects?

Some people say that consuming soy beans or soy bean products while pregnant can lead to birth defects such as hypospadia. Is this true? What does the most recent research say?
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Vegetarian diet during pregnancy

I want to know whether it is safe to follow a vegetarian diet (with no meat or fish) during pregnancy. Will there be any disadvantages to my baby (nervous system and brain, for example) because of ...
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What is the effect of vegan diet on quality of breast milk?

Does vegan or vegetarian diet have any negative effect on the quality of breast milk? If so, does a vegetarian or vegan mother need to take any special dietary supplements to improve quality of ...
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How to be healthy during a vegan pregnancy?

What health recommendations for during pregnancy can be made to vegans? Many doctors recommend eating fish and/or meat. How could a pregnant person get the necessary nutrients on a vegan diet?
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Is there such thing as a vegan pregnancy test?

Some pregnancy tests (as far as I know most/all) use animal antibodies, called monoclonal antibodies. These antibodies are grown/farmed from animals, often mice or rabbits. Because these pregnancy ...
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