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Obtaining nutrients from non-food sources such as pills, powders, or injections.

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Why do B12 pills contain 1000µg since we need 2.4µg/day?

Why do B12 pills contain 1000µg, since we need 2.4µg/day ? I read that you absorb 10µg of a 500µg pill. Do you absorb 1µg of a 50µg pill? Do you absorb 10µg of a 10µg pill?
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Are vegan supplements truly vegan? [duplicate]

I'm not vegan, but I've always wondered: are vegan supplements truly vegan? What I mean by this is that vitamin B12 usually only comes from animals. So is it truly possible to be completely vegan?
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Cyanocobalamin and Methylcobalamin

I am a vegan living in India where the B12 supplements available only contain methylcobalamin and I am taking those. But I have read in Wikipedia and heard on YouTube that cyanocobalamin/...
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What are creatine supplements made of?

Creatine falls into the category of potentially useful chemicals easily found in animal products but not in plant products (similar to b12) & I've seen a plant-based doctor recommend it in certain ...
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Does nutritional yeast count as a food or supplement?

The RDA of B12 is 2.4 mcg in food. For supplements, which are not as well absorbed, the recommended dose is 5-10 mcg (and sometimes higher). So does nooch count as a supplement or food? (Please cite a ...
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Is the growth medium used to cultivate vitamin B12-producing bacteria vegan?

Vitamin B12 or cobalamin is an essential nutrient that plays a vital role in human health. Because it is considered that active forms of B12 cannot be reliably obtained from plant foods or algae, the ...
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What is the ecological impact of producing vegan supplements?

Since one of the reasons that I follow a vegan diet for is the relatively lower ecological impact that it has on the planet, I was wondering whether there are some studies looking into the ecological ...
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B12 deficiency in vegans [duplicate]

As far as we know, vegans need to supplement with B12 to prevent deficiency due to a higher risk of such. How long does it take for B12 deficiency to develop, if a vegan person does not take any B12? ...
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Should vitamin B12 supplement be taken at a specific time of day?

I heard that vitamin B12 absorption can vary based on time of day and the most recent mealtime, and also that acid-reflux drugs might interfere with B12 absorption. What is the optimal time of day to ...
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Is iron supplementation necessary?

From what I understand animal iron and vegetable based iron are different. Heme iron is apparently more bio-available. According to what I have read humans only absorb 5% of the iron that is available ...
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Why do vegan doctors recommend B12 every day/week?

For example, Dr. Michael Greger (of NutritionFacts) recommends: For adults under age 65, the easiest way to get B12 is to take at least one 2,500 mcg supplement each week or a daily dose of 250 mcg....
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In order to prevent thrombosis, what supplements should vegans take?

In order to avoid thrombosis and for good heart health, what supplements should vegans take? Would taking white egg or yolk or milk cure thrombosis disease?
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How common is it for the livestock industry to supplement B12?

In debates, the contra side often claims veganism can’t be good because vegans have to supplement B12 (appeal to nature), while the pro side sometimes claims that even carnists supplement B12 ...
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Is it necessary to take supplements when starting with vegetarianism?

I reduced meats some months ago and about a month ago I decided to go vegetarian. My objective is to go raw-vegan in the future. I have researched a bit and some sources recommend taking vitamin D, ...
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Are calcium supplements harmful compared to calcium in whole foods?

I'm trying to be vegan, but it seems that vegan foods lack sufficient calcium to meet the Recommended Daily Intake of 1000 mg/day. I'm wondering if I should take calcium supplements, but I'm worried ...
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Are there vegan Omega 3 pills?

I am being treated for ADHD and BiPolar disorder. My doctor advises me to take Omega 3 supplements. For about 15 years I have been following vegetarian diet. I found being so I found myself having ...
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What nutrients should vegetarians supplement while weight training?

I have just started serious weight training (3 days a week powerlifting) and I have been eating vegetarian for the most part for years. I am concerned that the extra demands on my body from ...
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Can too much B12 be harmful?

While I know that B12 is water-soluble vitamin and (as I understand it) it should be naturally expelled from the body, is this really the case even with continuously high intakes, eg. 1000mcg/day for ...
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When taking B12 supplements, is it a viable strategy to take higher dose every few days as opposed to lower dose every day?

As a recently converted vegan, I first wanted to try out not taking B12 supplements to see if I can get the recommended RDA from fortified foods alone. This turned out to be rather hard and I average ...
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How to identify a vegan supplement?

If I am considering supplements to balance my dietary intake, how do I identify if they are vegan? To clarify, if I have altered my diet to eliminate eating animals, how can I be sure that my ...
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Are (plant-based) vitamin D₂ supplements as effective as vitamin D₃?

Many vegans and non-vegans have low vitamin D levels. Apart from synthesizing it with sunlight, it is possible to ingest it from the diet, but there are no natural, reliable vegan sources of vitamin D,...
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Is there a protocol to help vegetarians/vegan chose the right concentration for B12 supplements?

Following this question, I am wondering if there is a clear protocol/algorithm (I do not know the exact medical term) that a vegetarian/vegan can use to compute the recommended daily amount of B12 (...
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Different types of B12?

I've realized that there are different types of B12 supplements. Most of them are from Cyanocobalamin, but there are also from Methylcobalamin. Does anybody know the differences or what is the best ...
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Where does the B12 in vitamin supplements come from?

I know that many animal products contain vitamin B12 and that it's very hard or even impossible to get enough from plant-based food. There are supplements which vegans should take. But what are these ...
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