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Production or use of eggs (especially chicken eggs) as well as recipes including eggs and all products made from eggs.

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what is edible, vegan, and is slimy like a raw egg?

What can be used as an egg substitute in veggie burgers and other recipes? 🍔 🥚 I read the following: to make one flax egg mix 1 Taablespoon flaxseed meal + 3 Tbsp water. What else works?
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Is caviar considered to be vegetarian?

As I understand it, caviar is essentially fish eggs, which should be equally fine for vegetarians as birds' eggs. But I was raised (as a vegetarian) to avoid caviar, although chicken and duck eggs ...
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Eggs from free chicken

I'm on the path of becoming vegan, mainly because of compassion for animals and environmental issues. I am wondering about the vegan philosophy about the next question. I get why eating commercial ...
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Why is keeping backyard hens inconsistent with veganism?

If somebody keeps egg-laying hens in their backyard and makes sure they are loved and well cared-for, what's wrong with taking and eating their eggs from the perspective of veganism? If a person who ...
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Are there any farms that sell "cruelty-free" eggs (i.e. that don't slaughter older hens)?

Eggs maybe considered vegetarian by many since most eggs are unfertilized and do not result in the death of any animals. However, egg farms are usually not cruelty-free since when hens get too old to ...
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Do commercial chicken's eggs contain B12?

If chickens are fed with only treated grain, where do they obtain vitamin B12 from? Are these eggs a good source of vitamin B12?
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Why is egg commonly allowed in vegetarian food?

Very often when talking about vegetarian food, in restaurants or on labels for food, eggs are considered as suitable for vegetarians. There are some labels "lacto-vegetarian" but not so common (at ...
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How to avoid being part of the slaughter of cockerels on the free-range egg farms?

Most of the eggs that are consumed are infertile. However would eating eggs from certain farms would increase kills of the male chickens (cockerels)? By killing, I mean brutally slaughtered by the use ...
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How to tell if eggs are fertilized or not?

There are some Hindus who believe that an egg only becomes a living being, and thus forbidden to eat, if it's been fertilized. So my question is, how can you tell if an egg is fertilized or not? ...
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