Some say because I'm vegan since I was 14 I remained a child. I have never been short by any means, I am the tallest guy in my entire Romanian family (my grandma had 11 children and the other grandma had 6).

At 22 I barely look 16 in person and girls think I'm too young for them. But honestly, I believe it has more to do with the fact that I avoid the sun like a vampire and my skin remained clear and smooth.

Also, I think I have less testosterone than most males in my city. I sit at around 670 ng/dl this year but all the other guys at my age look way older than me. I'm not as hairy and never developed an actual beard, I'm quite muscular and have a large back and legs but having low body fat makes my neck and cheeks look skinny, like a child, so probably it has nothing to do with veganism.

On the other hand, the idea of a plant diet maintaining youth seems decently spread around. Is there any truth to it? If anyone could find any piece of literature about this, I'd be really thankful.

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