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When did veganism begin to become so popular and how?

I would suspect that it's related to the same reason that other subcommunities (such as LGBT*, "furries", etc) have become popular: a combination of the Internet and people moving into dense cities. ...
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How is the word "veg*n" used in oral communication?

I've never heard anyone say this. People usually say 'vegetarian or vegan' to convey the same meaning. There is no verbal shortcut, as far as I know. A less precise workaround would be 'plant-based', ...
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When did veganism begin to become so popular and how?

There are multiple factors which have contributed to the rise of "vegetarianism" food habits. Although I disagree it has risen only in past few years, it has been growing consistently over several ...
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Does personification of animals in fictional media like Peppa Pig and Donald Duck promote cultural reconsideration of those animals as delicacies?

I was watching Schindlers' List a few days back. Looking back at what people are capable of doing to their fellow humans if society allows it. I don't have much hope about anthropomorphized cartoons ...
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Most suitable international cuisines or destinations for a vegetarian

You can try visiting Gujrat. It's a state in western india where most of the people are vegetarians. They have a long list of vegetarian main course and sweet dishes. In a single meal they tend to ...
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