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Non-Lethal Pest Deterrents in a Home Garden

tl;dr version - How can I keep away destructive insects from the garden, without harming them or pollinators? So first off, I'm torn between posting this here or the Gardening & Landscaping SE, ...
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5 answers

Are vegans allowed to kill mice or beetles in their houses? Why or why not?

I was explaining the idea of being vegan to one of my friends and at the end of discussion I said “so we don’t harm any intelligent living thing which we are aware of“ so if we step on an ant which we ...
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9 votes
4 answers

Vegan pest control in kitchens

There are various pest risks in kitchens, for instance ants, flies and cockroaches. Many countermeasures include killing the animals. What vegan methods of pest control are there?
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