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Are meat substitutes necessary for a vegetarian lifestyle?
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14 votes

No, these fake meats are not necessary for a good vegetarian diet. In my opinion, they are mostly not tasty, fatty and not healthy. Also, heavily processed food, like they often are, reduces the ...

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Vegetarian foods in Japanese culture?
11 votes

I wasn't in Japan but in nearby countries The hardest ingredient to avoid was fish-sauce, followed by shrimp-paste. It feels like they use it everywhere (but that's not true). As a substitute I ...

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What cheese is considered vegetarian?
9 votes

The standard non-vegetarian ingredient in cheese is animal-derived rennet. Non-animal rennet may be used to produce a vegetarian cheese. Sadly it's not yet mandatory in all countries to declare what ...

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If vegans don't drink milk, why are they okay with breastfeeding?
2 votes

Regarding health: A mother's milk is ideally suited for their babies. The milk of an other species is not. It is now universally recognized that there is no commercial formula that can equal breast ...

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