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Is it possible to feed a cat or a dog under a vegan diet?
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13 votes

There are commercially available vegan dog foods that can be safely fed to dogs. Brown et al. tested vegan dog food on a set of Siberian Huskies: In 2009, Brown and colleagues [52] reported the ...

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What is Seitan? How do I get it?
12 votes

Seitan is a meat substitute made from wheat. It has a meaty, almost beef-like texture and is very high in protein at 75g of protein per 100g of seitan. It is also known as wheat gluten, vital wheat ...

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Can products labeled as "produced in factory that handles milk" be considered vegan?
8 votes

Assuming that veganism, roughly speaking, is a lifestyle that aims to not support animal exploitation, I would say that these products are vegan. The particles of milk that may end up on the products ...

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How to tell if a restaurant has vegan options?
7 votes

There are a couple ways: Read the menu: An obvious choice, but if the menu specifically lists an item as vegan, it's almost always a safe bet. Look for seemingly vegan items. Scan the menu for ...

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Is Omega 3 missing from vegan diets?
6 votes

Grains, nuts, algae, and flax are all potential sources of Omega 3 (source)

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Vegans: Besides supplements, what can substitute for Calcium?
5 votes

Dark leafy greens are a good source of calcium (source). Some good ones are kale (101 mg per serving), collard greens (84 mg per serving), and broccoli (70 mg per serving). You can also drink ...

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Documentaries in Spanish about environmental impact of meat industry?
3 votes

Cowspiracy is a good documentary about the environmental impact of animal agriculture, and it has Spanish subtitles.

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What do you call an almost vegetarian diet that includes honey and insects, but excludes milk and eggs?
2 votes

"Flexitarian" can be used as a catch-all to describe any "almost" vegan/vegetarian diet. The only other term I've heard of that comes close is "beegan", to refer to a vegan to eats honey

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