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What's a vegetarian substitute for Parmesan?
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14 votes

You don't have to go to specialist stores; you can get vegetarian Parmesan in at least three of the major UK supermarkets! It seems to usually be under each supermarket's "budget" branding. I believe ...

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What are some non-sweet options for vegan breakfast?
2 votes

Clearly you're not British ;-) Marmite Marmite is a savoury spread which goes well on toast. If you're looking for something salty instead of sweet to have for breakfast, this is a great option. For ...

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Vegan biscuits/snacks for dogs
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Not only treats and snacks, there exists a complete dog food (i.e. it can be the primary part of your dog's diet) which is fully vegan: Benevo. This is a UK brand; I don't know if they ship ...

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