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The Social Hermit
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  • Northumbria, UK

Ageing Biker - Irish/Northumbrian - MentalHealth Activist - looking to move into an intentional/spiritual/activist community when the time comes.

Anarchist/IWW - sick of the co-called socialists in the Labour Party/SWP et al.

Out-&-out misfit in a world of conformity! Dreamer, radical, frequent tilter at windmills.

IrishGeek - UkuleleGeek - BikerGeek - KiteGeek - LifeStreamerGeek - BiPolarGeek - AsthmaGeek - AnginaGeek - PsychogeographyGeek - GeocachingGeek - ScienceGeek - Archive/LibraryGeek - GenealogyGeek - PhilosophyGeek - TheologyGeek - HistoryGeek - PhotoGeek - ZineGeek - Maker/TinkererGeek - AnarchistGeek - BookbindingGeek - BookmakingGeek - OrigamiGeek - MailArtGeek - PostcardGeek - SendsometingGeek - GeekGeek

Trying to set up non-profit small press/Zine distro.

Ouseburn habituee.


Did I mention that I was a Geek?

He could not die when trees were green, for he loved the time too well. — John Clare

Steal softly through sunshine, steal softly through snow. — Don Van Vliet

Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act. ― Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Hope is both the earliest and the most indispensable virtue inherent in the state of being alive. If life is to be sustained hope must remain, even where confidence is wounded, trust impaired. ― Erik Erikson

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