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Is Vegetable tanned full grain leather plant-based or animal-based?
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It's animal-based. As @jsotola said in the comments, "vegetable tanned leather" means animal hide tanned with plant substances rather than with, for instance, chromium sulphate. "...

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How Long Have People Called Plant Milk "Milk"?
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I don't know about thousands of years, but in the Middle Ages in Europe almond milk was used as a substitute for milk on religious fast days, such as Fridays and during Lent, when drinking real milk ...

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How is vegan butter made solid?
1 votes

I don't know about vegan butter specifically, but tighter regulations about trans fats have been introduced recently in a lot of countries, which may answer your question. In the EU, since 2019, foods ...

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Are vegans allowed to kill mice or beetles in their houses? Why or why not?
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Great answers above! On the subject of mouse tactics, I'd add that besides stopping up the holes where the mice get in if you can, the thing that makes the big difference is to make sure not to leave ...

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