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What is the effect of vegan diet on quality of breast milk?
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According to US National Center for Biotechnology Information: Vegan diet in lactating women can induce vitamin B12 deficiency for their children with risk of an impaired neurological development. ...

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Are there restaurants that follow the rules of Acharam?
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In case of Hindu Brahmins, the food that they eat must comply with many criteria. The person should take a bath before cooking the food It should not contain onion or anything that grows under the ...

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Which animal species is the most negatively affected by indirect human activities?
2 votes

The most affected species are fish and other sea creatures. Because, per year, according to Wikipedia, 8.8 million metric tons of waste, including e-waste, are thrown into the sea. Radiation from the ...

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Is there vegan glue that works well on fabric?
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I would like to mention 2 links I found on google and their caption and info here as an answer to your question. But We are not sure whether the product is available in your country or not. It ...

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Any suggestions to help someone experiencing joint pain after giving up dairy products?
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This is because of lack of calcium. So try calcium rich foods. I found a link and added an image below of calcium rich foods from the site (this image contains non-vegetarian as well as non-vegan ...

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