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Is there a single vegan recipe that can be nutritionally sufficient for a long period of time?
5 votes

I would guess rainbow soup (all coloured vegetables fruit grain and nuts cooked in vegetable stock) with added fortified breakfast cereal or rice for b12 would contain all vitamins minerals and ...

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Are most electronics vegan/vegetarian?
1 votes

As someone who designed electronics when I worked I feel qualified to answer this question but instead of citing specific cases must agree with the previous answer about the importance of your ...

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Is there a good rule of thumb for eating correctly?
0 votes

Upvoted this question, it is excellent and I'm honoured to be answering it. I read all other answers first as you should if you're serious about q&as. Okay qualification first. I was given two ...

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Does vegetarianism impact life expectancy?
-3 votes

I would suggest watching Game Changers and Swapping Knives for Forks on Netflix. They both cite lots of studies confirming extra longevity and decreased risk of disease and cancer from vegetarian and ...

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