Adrián Moreno

Short: computer engineer who loves with job, developer of web/mobile systems, and company founder now working in the advertising industry. And learning every day!


I am an "all-round" coder that feels comfortable both in technical and management positions, working side by side with his team. I like being close to the technical details of the solutions while keeping an overview of the account management, overall situation, and how to solve existing problems with smart, iterative solutions.

In terms of technology my main expertise is mobile development (native iOS and Android and mobile web & Phonegap), and web programming (Java/J2EE, PHP, as well as responsive design), and I have also experience with .NET, and Javascript (Angular.js, backbone). The best tool for the problem, not only the ones I know!

I am also active and experience in online identity/social networking, managing communities and creating content for the online world.

Tech Specialties: iOS, Android, mobile web, phonegap, web programming, Java, CMS, Drupal, PHP, Wordpress, Javascript (angular.js, backbone, jquery), Apache, SOA, JCAPS, Intalio, Javascript, jQuery, Prototype, Struts, Hibernate, .NET, blogging, Internet, content management, systems administration, windows, linux, mac, apple, iphone, xcode, android, app store, android market...

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