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AE Grey


  'Write/Store': [ 'ES6', 'Typescript', 'Javascript', 'NodeJS', 'Angular', 'React', 'D3', 'HTML5', 'CSS3', 'PHP', 'Python', 'R', 'MySQL/MariaDB', 'MongoDB', 'SQLite', 'DynamoDB', 'Redis' ],
  'Build/Test': [ 'Webpack', 'Gulp', 'Grunt', 'CircleCI', 'Ansible', 'Jasmine', 'Karma', 'Jenkins' 'Nightwatch' ],
  'Serve/Run': [ 'Apache', 'NGINX', 'Lambda', 'PM2', 'AWS', 'Ubuntu', 'CentOS (RHEL)', 'Debian', 'Kali', 'OS X' ],
  'Make': [ 'SPAs', 'APIs', 'MVPs', 'SaaS', 'Machine Learning', 'Mobile (iPhone, Android)', 'Responsive', 'UI/UX' ],
  'Work': [ '', 'Domo Predictive Toolkit', 'AT&T Digital Life', 'EA Link (-> Rupture)' ], 
  'Live': [ 'Entrepreneur', 'AI', 'Chaos', 'Digital Nomad', 'Travel', 'Reading paper books', 'Psychology', 'Philosophy', 'Physics', 'Never-ending quest for knowledge', 'Video Games' ]  

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