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COVID-19 vaccine considerations for vegans

I was impressed by this panel of 8 vegan doctors explaining why they recommend that even vegans should receive a COVID-19 vaccine: They did not answer all of my ...
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What are the top causes of death for vegetarians?

Some studies have been conducted on this topic. The "top ten" is roughly the same for meat-eaters. However, since cardiovascular diseases have a much lower impact, malignant neoplasms get to be the ...
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What are the top causes of death for vegetarians?

Definitely an interesting question. I will try to answer it using list of causes of death from Wikipedia (the table contains rather old data, but it has improved readability over the newer one ...
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Are natality rates lower among vegans?

Answering this question is not trivial, as there is no distinct, homogeneous group "the vegans". People become vegan for various reasons. Beyond that, the process of having children is complex. ...
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