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Which contraceptives are vegan?

Methods that appear to be reliably vegan: Rhythm method (tracking menstrual cycle to avoid intercourse around ovulation) Withdrawal (avoiding ejaculation in/on the vagina) Sterilization (tubal ...
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What non-vegan ingredients typically occur in over-the-counter medicines?

Avoid colorants at all costs, many (if not most of them) are tested on animals. It's perfectly fine to use blandly colored drugs, it won't affect their effectiveness. Other than those: Gelatin: ...
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COVID-19 vaccine considerations for vegans

I was impressed by this panel of 8 vegan doctors explaining why they recommend that even vegans should receive a COVID-19 vaccine: They did not answer all of my ...
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Vegetarian Mini-Pill (Progestin Only Birth Control)

Just got a call from a very nice woman at Northstar pharmaceuticals who informed me that both Deblitane and Sharobel contain "no animal derived ingredients, including shellfish". While she could not ...
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Is there a way to take medications that come in capsules that may be gelatine?

Talk to your doctor/pharmacist. The medicines are often available in alternate forms, but it will depend on the specific medication. Your doctor may be able to prescribe a different form, or the ...
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Is there a way to take medications that come in capsules that may be gelatine?

Non-gelatine empty capsules can easily be found online for purchase in standard sizes. Filler racks and tampers (a tool for filling single or multiple capsules) are also readily available from ...
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How long does it take for cholesterol to lower down after switching to veganism?

In about two weeks to three months, your cholesterol drops. The other part of the question is how long does it take cholesterol to drop to your goal amount. The amount of vegan sources of fat, ...
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Are vegans less susceptible to infectious diseases?

Yes According to this abstract, the answer seems to be Yes (vegans are less susceptible to infectious diseases): Vegetarians have low rates of viral diseases. Vegetarians have less HPV (Human ...
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Is Bayer aspirin Vegan?

Bayer, as a company, are usually considered quite low on the spectrum of ethics. If you search for "Bayer animal testing", one of the first hits will be their own website on which you will ...
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What anesthesia should I request for my mole removal as a vegan?

Cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen treatment) does not require any anesthetic. Depending on the skin condition, your doctor may decide to apply this removal method. Before freezing the mole off, your ...
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Does the national health insurance in Germany cover the costs of more expensive medicine if the cheapest variant is non-vegan?

Pharmacies in germany are forced by law to give you the cheapest medicine. Sometimes your health insurance has a contract with a special manufacturer. In that case, the pharmacy will give you a ...
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