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Can I neuter/spay/desex my dogs as a vegan?

Disclaimer: I am not a veterinary doctor. I dropped out of college before I could graduate. Consider that if you are not going to let your dogs breed, then spaying or neutering them will most likely ...
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Does honey contain animal proteins?

Honey contains only trace amounts (~1mg per gram of honey) of proteins, and they come from the bee, as this study found: All proteins identified in the four honey types belonged to two groups of Apis ...
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Can I neuter/spay/desex my dogs as a vegan?

Are you asking whether it is physically possible? Obviously not. Are you asking whether it is legal? I guess not. So you are asking in some other sense and hence it is just going to be opinion. I ...
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Are Crownfield cereal boxes with plant-based ingredients vegan?

Here’s an image saying that my favourite muesli, by Crownfield, is vegan.
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