Use a more specific tag for questions about food substitutes, buying or preparing foods, health and nutrition, and suitability of foods for specific diet patterns.

Most questions about vegetarianism are about food, so this tag is overly broad and it's use is discouraged. If a more specific tag can be used, it is not necessary to include the food tag. This tag is being discussed on Meta and the usage may change.

Use a more specific tag

Questions about a selecting or using food substitutes should use one of the tags dedicated to foods that are commonly avoided by vegetarians or vegans.

If the question is about buying or preparing foods, consider using one of these tags.

If the question is about healthfulness or nutritional quality, consider these tags.

If the question is about the suitability of specific foods for a given diet pattern, make sure to include the appropriate tag for that diet and also consider using one of these. Questions may be tagged with either diet or food, but usually not both.