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How effective is farming crops without animal derived fertilizer?

Highly Tailored, crop specific fertilisers will tend to have better results, and are obviously much more efficient, since one has absolute control on the "nutritional" growth factors if you will. I ...
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Can a fertilizer be vegan?

For a fertilizer to be called vegan, it has to contain no animal products. While debatable, I would guess that animal poo would be considered as an animal product as well, so it would have to not ...
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How prevalent is the use of animal matter in organic farming compared to conventional farming?

Organic The Census of Agriculture's 2014 Organic Survey, which includes data from all certified organic farms in the United States at the time, has some data on the use of fertilizer by organic farms....
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Can a fertilizer be vegan?

Yes -- there is plenty of vegan fertilizers. Green Manure Green manure (from nitrogen fixing plants like sunn hemp) is a high-nitrogen, vegan fertilizer. Black Gold Compost (aka Black Gold) made from ...
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