A particular/habitual eating pattern, for example, "I'm following a raw vegan diet". This is a very general tag: please consider using more specific tags if possible.

Dietary pattern describes the quantities and proportions of foods which are routinely consumed. Some diet patterns focus on exclusion of specific foods, while other diet patterns focus on regular inclusion of specific foods. The thing that all diet patterns have in common is that they describe a plan or set of rules for what a person eats. Some diets are very prescriptive, while others provide a great deal of freedom for people to choose what they eat.

Questions about a specific diet pattern should use the tag corresponding to that diet. It is not necessary to include the diet tag if a more specific tag is used.

There are many more possible diet patterns (eg. whole food plant-based, high-carb low-fat, junk food vegan) that can be discussed, but haven't earned tags yet because there are too few questions on this site.

If the question is about a vegetarian diet pattern but does not specifically mention any specific restrictions on eggs or dairy, or if only the avoidance of meat is relevant, use the fallback tag which describes all vegetarian diets (including veganism).


  • Use when asking about specific foods that work for multiple diets. Just because diet patterns include food doesn't mean that food questions are on-topic for the diet tag.
  • Use for questions about dieting (ie. eating less food in order to lose weight).