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This is pretty much the same goal that Rob Rhinehart (the founder of Soylent) set out to accomplish. He created a highly engineered recipe of soy protein isolate, maltodextrin, isomaltulose, soy lecithin, soluble corn fibre, gellan gum, cellulose salt, sucralose, and a vitamin/mineral premix. The recipe is specified to be a nutritionally complete meal ...


Simple and Less Tempting For the purposes mentioned in the question (clarity of mind, weight loss, mental reward by not worrying too much about food), it is enough to have some sort of simple, but nutritionally sufficient, diet, not necessary limited to a single recipe. Vegan or vegetarian diets are already simpler than omnivore diets. To make it even ...


I would guess rainbow soup (all coloured vegetables fruit grain and nuts cooked in vegetable stock) with added fortified breakfast cereal or rice for b12 would contain all vitamins minerals and micronutrients a body needs.


2 suggestions with proven results: Dr John MacDougall Daily, I am asked to justify my recommendations for a starch- (corn-, potato-, rice-) based diet over other diets that offer contrary advice. (Below is a concise review of the McDougall Plan). The effects of different diets are far too complex to make meaningful such side-by-side comparisons. I ...

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