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Why does this vegan chocolate have cholesterol?

There is some confusion online about the sources of cholesterol, which can come in dietary form through animal or dairy products, or can be made internally by one's own body, for example when ...
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Do vegetable saturated fats increase cholesterol?

I will try to answer your question based on the types of saturated fats that some vegetable sources contain as compared to animal sources. The presumably two biggest sources of saturated fats in vegan ...
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Are foods with zero cholesterol always vegan?

This questions states as a "trick" a common misconception: that plants do not produce cholesterol. This is incorrect, c.f. Cholesterol and Plants, E. J. Behrman, and Venkat Gopalan, J. Chem. Educ., ...
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Are foods with zero cholesterol always vegan?

There are a number of animal products or by-products that do not contain cholesterol, but are still something a vegan wouldn't want to eat. A short list of examples which may be in packaged foods: ...
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Are foods with zero cholesterol always vegan?

That's a great question! And no, foods with zero cholesterol are not automatically vegan. If some product uses egg whites, it could contain no cholesterol, but not be vegan.
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How long does it take for cholesterol to lower down after switching to veganism?

In about two weeks to three months, your cholesterol drops. The other part of the question is how long does it take cholesterol to drop to your goal amount. The amount of vegan sources of fat, ...
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Is there a way of telling if foods are vegan by a single nutrient or a certain combination of nutrients?

Dietary cholesterol should eliminate all options. No whole food plant products contain cholesterol. One could also do statistical combination of tolerances to filter foods in a database: Protein, ...
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How quickly does cholesterol decrease when on a vegan diet?

I am not aware of any studies directly measuring this; however some information is available in related studies. I found the following studies on cholesterol turnover in humans. Distribution and ...
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