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Are McDonald's fries vegan in Canada?

Yes. According to their official website for Canada (emphasis mine): Fries and Hash Browns Our World Famous Fries™ and hash browns are go-tos for our vegetarian and vegan guests. Since 2007, we’ve ...
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What vegan food could substitute for chunks of beef in stew?

It seems to be generally felt that seitan does a decent job masquerading as beef, and it's the chewiest meat substitute I know of. Here's a recipe based on the seitan recipe used in The Best Veggie ...
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Which vegetal foods grown in Canada are good sources of fat?

There are plenty of fatty crops grown in Canada such as soybeans or seeds The major oilseeds grown in Canada are soybeans, sunflowers, canola and flax. Other seeds grown in Canada are for example ...
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What is the nutritional profile of A&W plant-based nuggets?

The nutritional info is at Calories 300 Fat 15.6 g Protein 18 g Serving Size 120 g Nutrition Contents Sugar ...
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What is the nutritional profile of A&W plant-based nuggets?

I found a post on that provides the nutrition details, then I used to generate a nutrition label. Nutrition Label (as text) For people who can't see the image, here's ...
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Which Canadian pizza chain restaurants offer dairy-free cheese?

Pizza Pizza Pizza Pizza rolled out vegan cheese across all Canadian chain restaurants this past year (at no extra cost!) Here is an article by PETA on Pizza Pizza adding vegan cheese to their menu....
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