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Is there any research method that could be used in place of animal experimentation?

I've recently read an article from the NCBI stating that they are investigating with artificial skins A range of models has been developed, including ex vivo human skin, usually obtained from ...
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When a non-food product (e.g. shampoo) is labelled as "vegan", does this imply that no ingredients were tested on animals?

The Humane Society of the United States has produced an infographic showing the meaning of labels related to animal products and animal testing on cosmetics items specifically: Source: Humane Society ...
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Are cosmetics which are tested on animals vegan?

In my understanding they are not considered to be vegan. Vegans, in general, try to avoid the exploitation of animals for human ends. Testing of animals is considered to be exploitation and harmful ...
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Are all contact lenses vegan?

As far as I know, there are no animal products involved in the production of contact-lenses. Whether they are vegan is debatable though and depends heavily on your definition of vegan. The trouble ...
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When did the modern vegetarian movement start?

One of the earliest modern western vegetarians was Thomas Tryon (1634-1703). He wrote many books which were popular at the time. More widespread vegetarianism didn't begin till the 19th century ...
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Is there any research method that could be used in place of animal experimentation?

I think the most important change in the sense that it has the best ratio of effort/improvement is not a technological one but a legislative one: The results of animal testing should be public, ...
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