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How effective is farming crops without animal derived fertilizer?

Highly Tailored, crop specific fertilisers will tend to have better results, and are obviously much more efficient, since one has absolute control on the "nutritional" growth factors if you will. I ...
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Why are agricultural subsidies directed primarily towards animal agriculture?

Many of the subsidies are based on rationales that may not really be relevant to how the industry is set up now such as lots of independent small farmers producing output independent of each other. ...
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Is the use of pesticides considered vegan?

general consensus...hahahahahaha ;o) Steve I'm afraid there will be no consensus any time soon. While food produced with pesticides kills animals in the process, it usually doesn't contain animal ...
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How much land and water is used for farming animals?

Conclusion 8.06 quintillion liters, or 2.129 quintillion gallons, of water, is used each year for meat worldwide. 30% of Earth's land mass is used for these animals. How I got There Meat: About 20,...
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Does growing crops kill more animals than raising cows on pasture?

Assuming that the study estimating the 15 animals killed per ha of harvested crop is this one, it must be noted that the study was widely criticized for these and other mistakes and I would not in any ...
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How prevalent is the use of animal matter in organic farming compared to conventional farming?

Organic The Census of Agriculture's 2014 Organic Survey, which includes data from all certified organic farms in the United States at the time, has some data on the use of fertilizer by organic farms....
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What happens when an animal gets spooked on the way to slaughter and refuses to continue?

Just a review, from here: Federal law in the United States requires that animals should be stunned before they are slaughtered. The following types of stunning are used: captive bolt stunning and ...
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