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Does veganism keep you young?

There is no scientific evidence that proves this Moreover, it would be quite difficult to make a controlled study about this that would show any causation. Subjectivity aside, people who follow a ...
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Raw food veganism - maintaining energy levels as an older athlete

Energy is usually not a concern since lots of fresh and sundried fruits have plenty of calories. However, the word "energy" has also another meaning: "vitality". In other words, some lack of ...
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Does veganism keep you young?

Regarding your specific case, since you're still so young anyway, I'd agree that your apparent younger age is likely not due to you being vegan. I remember meeting young people in their twenties or ...
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How to be healthy while ageing, on a vegan diet?

My recommendation for older people who follow a vegan diet is to practice a vegan diet high in protein to protect your muscles. Some vegan foods that are high in protein include beans, tofu, chickpeas,...
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