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Which countries regulate use of the term "vegan"?

Which countries have laws that make it illegal to label a product as "vegan" if it contains parts from animals (or insects)? Unfortunately, I've seen a lot of products marked "vegan&...
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What kinds of vegetarian meal options are available on airlines?

I'm flying to Asia in the summer and I noticed a long list of special diets that are available. In Europe, I have always been able to order a cheese sandwich instead of one that contains meat. Is that ...
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Vegan survival food

I am considering taking the Trans-Siberian railway. London to Moscow followed by Moscow to Beijing. I have made many long rail trips in the past so comfort, boredom, etc is not an issue. However, ...
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Vegetarian foods in Japanese culture?

I'm a strict vegetarian travelling to Asia (mostly Japan). Which traditional Japanese foods are safe to eat vegetarian or easy to substitute to be so? What are common non-vegetarian ingredients to ...
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Tips on staying healthy as a vegan who travels a lot?

Traveling with any kind of specific dietary habits can be tough, but vegan/pescetarian travel can be extremely difficult. In the last 5 years, I've been travelling a lot for my job. It can take me ...
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Durable Trekking Boots (vegan)

Where can I find a pair of durable vegan boots for trekking? I'm specifically looking for a goodyear-welted boot, so that they are heavy, durable, and I can take them to any-old boot shop to have them ...
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I'm traveling to another country. Are there any simple resources to explain veganism to my waiter at a resturant (that transcends language)?

When I order food in another country where I don't speak the language, what's the best way to explain to my waitress/waiter what I can and cannot eat as a vegan? I'm doing some international traveling ...
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