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The meaning, origin or usage of words related to and/or in the context of veganism and/or vegetarianism.

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Can "vegan" mean "lacking animal proteins"?

Can "vegan" mean "lacking animal proteins" (as opposed to "harming animals" etc.), in order to emphasize the nutritional differences and health effects of animal vs. ...
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What is a flexitarian?

I've heard the term used now and then in various contexts. What exactly is a flexitarian, and should it be classed as a dietary requirement? To my understanding, it really just means a person is ...
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Why is nutritional yeast nicknamed Nooch?

Why nutritional yeast was called "Nooch" by vegans (in the UK anyway)?
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Why is vegan cheese nicknamed Gary?

I have a friend who is a vegan and for some reason she, and many other people, seem to call Vegan cheese Gary. Why is vegan cheese nicknamed Gary though? Where did this come from? I am from the UK ...
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Why do vegans call milk "mylk"?

I saw that vegans often use the word mylk instead of milk, like in this answer. Why do vegans call milk mylk?
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What does the term "veg*n" mean?

You sometimes see the term "veg*n" on sites such as this one. What exactly does this term mean? Why is it used?
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Is "cruelty-free" the same as "vegan"?

Simple and straightforward: does "cruelty-free" mean the same as "vegan"?
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What is the term for people who only eat home raised meat? [closed]

Many non-meat eaters make this choice because of the way commercial meat is produced and because of the negative impact that it has on the animal's well being. Most or all of this negative impact can ...
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What is the difference between vegetarian and vegan?

I read the following questions which I found pretty impressive, but it left me with this question about the difference between the 2 "categories" - vegetarian and vegan. In easy terms, what would be ...
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Is there a difference between "vegan" and "plant-based"?

"Vegan" is a popular term in everyday language, while "plant-based" often appears in scientific literature. Is there any difference in meaning between the two terms?
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What do you call an almost vegetarian diet that includes honey and insects, but excludes milk and eggs?

I'm looking for the name of a non-lacto or ovo diet, but that includes honey and insects (as the title says). What would this version of vegetarianism be called? I'm looking for a name similar to ...
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