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For questions about stores and how they handle or sell vegan products. Note that recommendation questions are off-topic however.

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How to tell the difference between faux fur and animal fur?

Last year there was a scandal about real fur being labelled as synthetic/fake/faux fur, which of course would be unacceptable for vegans who are seeking to avoid supporting the exploitation of animals....
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In Canada, how much soy for human consumption is GMO?

The first genetically-modified soybean was introduced two decades ago, and now upwards of 80% of soy cultivated around the world is GMO. We know that approximately 70% of soy currently produced is fed ...
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Where can one buy vegan winter earmuffs?

Update Found this set of earmuffs after including "polar fleece" in the search results. Here is another pair available in the UK found by a different user. Original Question I've been finding it ...
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Distinguishing vegan from non-vegan candles?

Candles can be made of various ingredients. How can commercial candles be identified as vegan based on the list of ingredients? Are there ways to check whether unmarked (e.g. homemade) candles are ...
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Are there any vegan gummy sweets in brick and mortar shops in the UK?

I would like to know whether there are some vegan gummy sweets (like Haribo gummy bears and such) available in traditional, brick and mortar shops in the UK. I have searched on the internet but I ...
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How can I detect leather besides a sniff test?

Sometimes I'm buying things that look like leather but you can't easily tell. I sometimes use the sniff test. Is there any other test for determining if an unlabeled item is leather or not?
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Where can vegetarians and vegans demand changes to the legislation regarding labeling of goods?

One of the biggest problems I as a consumer face when shopping is that often there is no clear labeling of whether food classifies as being vegetarian or vegan. While this problem is getting better ...
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In what ways can an individual influence the availability of vegan food in shops and restaurants?

I would like to know what an ordinary person can do to increase the proportion of vegan-oriented products in shops and of vegan meals in restaurants. While in bigger cities and/or countries with ...
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