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reference materials, technology and other aids for vegetarian and vegan practice

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Getting started with vegetarianism

I want to try to move over to a vegetarian diet, mostly for health reasons. I don’t have much free time (work and kids) to prepare meals. What resources exist to help someone get started on a ...
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Inflammatory and anti-inflammatory food table request

Is there a book, ebook or internet resource with a nutritional table (drawn from recent scientific studies) showing or describing inflammatory and anti-inflammatory characteristics of vegan and ...
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Any website to search for foods high in a particular nutrient? has removed their Food Composition Database through which you were able to search for list of foods high in particular nutrient, such as potassium, vitamin C, etc., and their new Food Data ...
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Is there a detailed, global history of vegetarianism and veganism available online?

I would like to know if there is any detailed, research-based history of vegetarianism and/or veganism available online. Ideally, I am looking for something global that avoids an ethnocentric ...
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Is there a directory of freely available pro-vegan leaflets and literature?

I'm hoping to hand out some leaflets about animal agriculture at an upcoming event, and I'm wondering if there is a collection of premade resources like posters and leaflets. Ideally everything would ...
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Is there a canon for veganism?

Is there some document or literature or mantra that is the canonical source for the "rules of veganism"? Say two vegans are arguing about whether eating honey is vegan or not (not debating that here) -...
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Is there a list of which UK E-Numbers aren't vegetarian or vegan?

I often see lots of E-Numbers in ingredient lists and I know some probably aren't vegetarian, and some definitely aren't vegan.. Especially as all ofthem seem to be made out of crushed up bugs! They ...
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Is there any website that tells what vegan recipes I can cook with X and Y ingredients?

The internet is full of many recipes collections, with a variety of websites with many different features. Sometimes they let you make searches with a richness of parameters. Let's say I open my ...
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Is there any hospitality network for vegans?

Hospitality networks (such as SERVAS, Hospitality club, Couchsurfing and BeWelcome) are networks of travelers and people who host them. Recently "specialized" websites, like TrustRoots that is for ...
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Is there a (social media?) website dedicated to helping people find vegan or vegetarian restaurants, shops and services?

I often need to search for a place to eat out, and I find Google and other search engines less than ideal for this task, especially since advertising plays such a big role in which results come out on ...
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