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Why do some people eat animals?

Why do some people buy, cook, and eat animals? It seems like an obvious choice to not kill and eat other animals if you don't have to. In many countries this (not eating animals) is the norm, but in ...
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Do slaughterhouse workers suffer psychologically or become more violent?

In debates about veganism, it’s sometimes claimed that slaughterhouse workers suffer psychologically from working there and/or that they become more violent against humans. Is this true? Is there any ...
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How I can I convince my (Moroccan) family it's OK to go vegetarian?

This year I discovered vegetarianism (and I did some research about it), and I REALLY want to be vegetarian, but I am struggling: More than 90% of my country does not know this notion. Google Trends ...
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How can I deal with meat repulsion?

I am regularly placed in situations where others are eating meat. For example, a family dinner or office lunch room. I find meat repulsive and it can be difficult for me to be in these situations. In ...
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Is there any evidence connecting meat consumption and violent behaviour?

A connection between animal cruelty and other forms of violence has been observed by a number of people and is often quoted in various forms. He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his ...
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Does the DSM make any reference to veganism or vegetarianism?

The DSM is the standard manual used by psychiatrists for the diagnosis of mental disorders. Psychiatry has been subject to several criticisms1. For example the american sociologist Thomas Scheff ...
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What are the personality traits of those most and least likely to go vegetarian?

It seems that only some types of people would be willing to make the decision to go vegetarian. Have there been personality studies of people who are most and least likely to go vegetarian, and how ...
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11 votes
2 answers

Are there studies that have determined the main reasons people stop being vegetarian?

I read a study that approximately 10% of people have been vegetarian, and only 2% are at any given time. It seems that vegetarianism has a low retention rate. Are there studies that try to determine ...
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12 votes
3 answers

How do I cope with dreams about meat-eating?

After becoming vegetarian, I repeatedly had dreams of eating meat—either accidentally or intentionally. In the morning I woke feeling guilty. I've heard this is not a unique experience. How ...
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