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Refers to animal-free (usually vegan) diets, foods or other products made from plants (that may more traditionally use animal products), without the ethical connotations of "vegan"

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Is there convincing RCT research showing a plant-based diet can reverse or reduce the risk of serious diseases when compared to a "healthy" omni diet?

If you want you can skip the explanation and skip straight to the bottom, where I say exactly what I am looking for. I was talking to my step-dad today and mentioned the recent Oxford study that ...
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Do vegans need to eat more? Plant-based diets, digestion speed, & nutritional density

Does vegan food have a lower nutritional density? In other words: Do vegans need to eat more to get adequate levels of nutrition than they would on an omnivorous diet? Meat tends to sit in the ...
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How Long Have People Called Plant Milk "Milk"?

I have heard that cultures have called plant milks "milk" (Ex. Soy milk, almond milk) for thousands of years. Is this true? I would like a source to refer to.
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Are vegans less susceptible to infectious diseases?

After reading the recent article Butler, Michael J., and Ruth M. Barrientos. “The Impact of Nutrition on COVID-19 Susceptibility and Long-Term Consequences.” Brain, Behavior, and Immunity 87 (July ...
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Which "fake meats" are most nutritionally similar to meat of animal origin?

When modifying a diet to replace meat of animal origin with more plant-based foods, it's common for people to start out with meat substitutes like tofu, seitan, tempeh, and various other processed/...
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Is it true that no traditional culture ever subsisted on a pure plant-based diet?

Dr. Weston A. Price claims in his Nutrition and Physical Degeneration that a plant-based diet never sustained any traditional culture. As yet I have not found a single group of primitive racial ...
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What 1 plant has the widest nutritional value over all other plants in the world?

I want to grow a small garden with few plants as possible with efficiency in nutritional value in mind. What plant in the world has the most nutrition from the roots or the flower?
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From a pure personal health perspective how bad are some non strictly vegan/vegetarian products?

So I'm curious about a plant based diet for health purposes, and though the by-product of that step may be great for animal welfare, environment etc. How committed should I be about products like ...
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How would a widespread plant-based diet influence the maximum sustainable human population on earth?

A meta-analysis of studies on the maximum sustainable human population on earth found the median estimate to be 7.7 billion people1. Earth's current human population is about 7.5 billion and is ...
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Is there a difference between "vegan" and "plant-based"?

"Vegan" is a popular term in everyday language, while "plant-based" often appears in scientific literature. Is there any difference in meaning between the two terms?
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