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Do vegans need to eat more? Plant-based diets, digestion speed, & nutritional density

Does vegan food have a lower nutritional density? In other words: Do vegans need to eat more to get adequate levels of nutrition than they would on an omnivorous diet? Meat tends to sit in the ...
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How much land and water is used for farming animals?

I am curious how much arable land and water is used in the production of meat, dairy, eggs, and other farmed-animal products. This should include the resources used for production of the feed for the ...
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Is there any evidence connecting meat consumption and violent behaviour?

A connection between animal cruelty and other forms of violence has been observed by a number of people and is often quoted in various forms. He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his ...
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How many animals are required by the average North American omnivorous diet?

How many animals are required per year by the average North American omnivorous diet to provide the required meat, dairy, and eggs? How much smaller is this number for vegetarian diets? I am ...
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What is the term for people who only eat home raised meat? [closed]

Many non-meat eaters make this choice because of the way commercial meat is produced and because of the negative impact that it has on the animal's well being. Most or all of this negative impact can ...
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