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Do I really help by eating no meat but still eating fish ? How much is my environmental footprint reduced?

I never ate meat during my whole life because of a gastric problem. But I still eat seafood (Fish, shrimp...). Some call this being pescetarian. I always thought that this was also respectful of the ...
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14 votes
2 answers

How long would it take for oceans to recover if vegetarianism was the norm?

We often hear that the oceans are being overfished and that the populations of many ocean animals are rapidly declining. If society transitioned to vegetarianism as a whole (eg. omnivores would be as ...
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13 votes
1 answer

How big is the impact that humans have on the emptiness of oceans?

I am interested in knowing how much emptier (ideally in either number of fish or kg of biomass) the ocean is due to direct and intentional human activity such as fishing or artificially controlling ...
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Vegetarianism, ocean ecology and the environment [closed]

How does vegetarianism, in the context of not eating fish and other ocean-life, help preserve ocean ecology? What are the impacts of fishing on the ocean plants and trees (fauna)? How does this, in ...
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