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Is Bayer aspirin Vegan?

I have a minor to mild toothache an want to take an aspirin, Bayer brand to be exact. All but 1 of the ingredients are fine, but 1 is sus: glyceryl triacetate/triacetin. I have read that it is vegan ...
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Should real honey be reserved for medical purposes for the wellbeing of the world's bees? [closed]

Honey has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries, and recent studies have shown that it can be effective in treating a variety of ailments. Honey is a natural antibacterial agent, and it has ...
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COVID-19 vaccine considerations for vegans

I live a vegan lifestyle, as far as I'm aware. (I don't knowingly make decisions otherwise*.) I don't want to be speciesist. Ideally, I want to live by principles that if all other humans followed ...
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Are vegans less susceptible to infectious diseases?

After reading the recent article Butler, Michael J., and Ruth M. Barrientos. “The Impact of Nutrition on COVID-19 Susceptibility and Long-Term Consequences.” Brain, Behavior, and Immunity 87 (July ...
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How long does it take for cholesterol to lower down after switching to veganism?

Once a person switches to veganism, how fast do the cholesterol levels lower?
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What anesthesia should I request for my mole removal as a vegan?

I'm planning to get a mole removed from my face. I'm vegan, and I would like my dermatologist to use anesthesia that doesn't contain any animal products. I know in the US all medicine is tested on ...
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Vegetarian Mini-Pill (Progestin Only Birth Control)

Does anyone know if any of the "mini pill" brands of progestin-only birth control are vegetarian? I need progestin only options for medical reasons (options which contain estrogen are not options due ...
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Does the national health insurance in Germany cover the costs of more expensive medicine if the cheapest variant is non-vegan?

In the general case, pharmacies in Germany are required to give out the cheapest prescription-only medicine. Doctors may overrule this (e.g., by marking the aut idem field). If the cheapest medicine ...
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Which contraceptives are vegan?

There exists a wide range of methods for contraception. Some are obvious vegan (e.g. NFP), while others clearly aren't (e.g. birth control pill containing lactose). Which contraceptives are vegan? (...
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Is there a way to take medications that come in capsules that may be gelatine?

Reading another answer here I realised that medication capsules are likely made out of gelatine. Is there an alternative way to take the medication? Might this affect the medication? I take very ...
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What non-vegan ingredients typically occur in over-the-counter medicines?

A lot of drugs you get without prescription in a pharmacy contain lactose and gelatine. Often there are other options that contain the same active ingredient, but have different fillers (i.e. titanium ...
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