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For questions about getting along with omnivores, for example, sharing living or work space or any relationship, despite differing opinions. For questions about encouraging others to try or take up veg*nism, use [outreach].

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Why do some people eat animals?

Why do some people buy, cook, and eat animals? It seems like an obvious choice to not kill and eat other animals if you don't have to. In many countries this (not eating animals) is the norm, but in ...
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Best way to get rid of the smell of cooking flesh (meat)?

How do I clear the smell of meat? A few times per week, my housemate buys body parts from the store and burns them in the oven for a few hours. The resulting smell is horrendous. Of course, I open the ...
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Why vegetarian food is considered to be the best food? [closed]

A vegetarian diet is high in fiber, vitamins, minerals and low in saturated fats. This keeps your blood pressure and cholesterol levels in check. Over-time, regular consumption of such a diet can ...
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How can I tell if this pizza is vegan?

Today the office in which I work provided pizza lunch for us, and the person ordering was extra thoughtful and ordered some additional special pizza for the few vegans who work in this office. Upon ...
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How do I avoid explaining veganism?

Because of work reasons I often share meals with different people every other week or so (such as customers, etc.) More often than not, either by refusing food or simply because of the contents of my ...
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How should I address neglect when coworkers bring in non-vegan donuts?

I’m vegan and I work at a small office where it is common for people to bring in food to share. Sometimes I get lucky and receive consideration from the food-bringer, but in at least as many cases, I ...
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What should I do when receiving non-vegan gifts?

Since deciding to follow a vegan lifestyle, I've found that gift-giving occasions such as birthdays and Christmas can be challenging. This is doubly true for situations where gifts are given from ...
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How to counter the theory that you need to eat a bit of everything to have a balanced life?

I have been vegetarian for several years and now I rarely eat meat (never red meat). I have often heard people (including medical doctors) that in order to have a healthy life you should eat a bit of ...
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How can I tactfully ask someone not to repeat arguments against vegetarianism?

My bosses have known for a long time that I'm vegetarian, and I know that they aren't. I never bring up the subject of vegetarianism. But whenever we eat, they like to repeat hackneyed arguments ...
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How can I find out at a job interview whether the company is vegan friendly?

I'm currently changing careers and moving into a new field. At my old job, I was really lucky to have a vegan boss and mostly vegetarian coworkers. Having lunch together was always great. Now, given ...
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How I can I convince my (Moroccan) family it's OK to go vegetarian?

This year I discovered vegetarianism (and I did some research about it), and I REALLY want to be vegetarian, but I am struggling: More than 90% of my country does not know this notion. Google Trends ...
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Is it vegan to invite others to non-vegan meals?

If a vegan eats out with someone who orders a non-vegan meal, would it be contradictory to veganism if the vegan invited this other person and covered the expenses for that non-vegan meal? Would it ...
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How to deal with pressure from family when telling them you are becoming a vegan?

Sometimes explaining to your family that you have decided to become a vegetarian/vegan is not easy, especially when they have grown up thinking that eating meat/fish/dairy from time to time is ...
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How can I deal with meat repulsion?

I am regularly placed in situations where others are eating meat. For example, a family dinner or office lunch room. I find meat repulsive and it can be difficult for me to be in these situations. In ...
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How can I explain my decision to refuse to purchase or handle animal products for others?

I am sometimes asked to purchase, handle, or cook meat and other animal products for my family and friends. I want to refuse on ethical grounds, so how can I explain my position effectively? The ...
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How can I ask my guests to eat vegan when I host them?

When I host an event or have guests over to my home, how can I insist that they do not bring animal products to consume at the event? In particular, I am interested in how to handle ethical opposition ...
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