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Foreign food packaging: translated ingredient list is wildly incorrect and non-veg: how is this allowed?

I wanted to raise a warning, but also a question for something I've seen happen a couple a times already on food packaging of imported Chinese food products: The list of ingredients in the translated ...
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Which countries regulate use of the term "vegan"?

Which countries have laws that make it illegal to label a product as "vegan" if it contains parts from animals (or insects)? Unfortunately, I've seen a lot of products marked "vegan&...
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Has any government banned animal slaughter for human consumption? Was it effective for increasing animal rights?

Personally I think that it would be better to make animal slaughter illegal as to the extent which is possible. I feel that this would help to improve their conditions. However I am also aware that ...
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Are there any countries besides India where it is mandatory to mark food products that contain animal-derived ingredients?

In India, it is mandatory to mark all food products (including toothpaste) to show whether they are free (or not) of animal-derived contents, using a green dot if they have no animal-derived content ...
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Do laws about organic foods include directives about animal welfare?

Yep, simple and straightforward: do laws about organic foods include directives about animal wellbeing? For example, if a firm that sells eggs wants to sell them as organic does it have to follow any ...
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Is the prevention of imposition of a diet an internationally recognised human right?

This Italian article is describing a law proposition made by an Italian politician who would like to impose to individuals which don't reach the age of 16 years a non-vegan diet, punishing with jail ...
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How can animal cruelty be considered legal based on "cultural heritage" argument?

I have read some information about foie gras controversy and have encountered this piece of information: "Until new scientific evidence on alternative methods and their welfare aspects is ...
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What's the difference between legislation protecting pets and lab animals (etc) and farm animals in the U.S.?

In the U.S., there are strict laws in place on the treatment of pets and lab animals. Abusing an animal is normally punishable by law. Yet, it is legal for farm animals to be kept in conditions ...
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Where can vegetarians and vegans demand changes to the legislation regarding labeling of goods?

One of the biggest problems I as a consumer face when shopping is that often there is no clear labeling of whether food classifies as being vegetarian or vegan. While this problem is getting better ...
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