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Questions tagged [lacto-vegetarianism]

Excluding meat and eggs but still consuming milk and dairy products. Use this tag only if avoidance of eggs is specified, otherwise use [lacto-ovo-vegetarianism].

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Feasibility of a global world society in which no animal is killed by humans or machines

I was wondering, what is the feasibility of a global world society in which no animal is killed by humans or machines? Here is what I can think of: In some places it is to cold or too dry to grow ...
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Do adolescents who turn to vegetarianism risk growth stunts

I wanted to ask whether vegetarianism in adolescents stunts growth. I am trying to determine the earliest age at which a person can turn vegetarian. I, am also trying to determine the effects of ...
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Milk not associated to cow slaughter

Is it possible to purchase milk, perhaps at an increased price, that carries the label that no cow slaughter is carried out at the dairy (and, you pay, for the cows to be fed as they later age and no ...
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Food products with sparingly milked cows, to ensure the success and spread, and the preservation, of their population

What could people eat, to ensure a loss in population and its friendly, happy, heart warning, dynamics of cows would be brought to an end. Would the solution be to market, and agree to consume, ...
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Cruelty free protein enhanced milk for cats to base their diet on

Is it possible to add vegan or vegetarian derived protein supplements to milk to give them the strength of a meat substitute suitable for cat diets. It, would be such, that the cat can base their ...
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Should a vegan be concerned about choline intake?

Choline is an essential nutrient for human health and may be hard to get for both vegans and vegetarians. The daily Adequate Intake (AI) for choline is 550 mg for men and 425-450 mg for women (up to ...
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What food dishes are available for me in French cuisine if I am vegetarian (no meat no eggs)?

I have been living in Lille for about 1.5 years. I am vegetarian (no meat no eggs). I have get bored with burgers, sandwiches, margretta pizza, falafel, fries and the food of my native country is ...
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Are Algerian, samurai, and barbeque sauces vegetarian?

I live in France and I am vegetarian (I eat milk and milk products but not meat, eggs) and I am not a native of Europe. In France, when one orders sandwich at a shop, there is the option to take a ...
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Is Aloe a source for vitamin B12?

Can a vegetarian drink aloe juice to avoid B12 deficiency?
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Vegetarian Mini-Pill (Progestin Only Birth Control)

Does anyone know if any of the "mini pill" brands of progestin-only birth control are vegetarian? I need progestin only options for medical reasons (options which contain estrogen are not options due ...
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Is body building feasible for vegetarians?

Every athlete and bodybuilder talks about regimes and diets that are non-vegetarian. Is it possible for vegetarians to beat a non-vegetarian diet? If so, how? What are the replacements of high-protein ...
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How to replace eggs in cake recipe and keep the cake from breaking?

I use Betty Crocker's Yellow cake mix. In the cake powder, as the recipe asks, I add about 1 cup of water, half cup of oil but to replace 3 eggs I add a pinch of baking powder and 1/3 cup of homemade ...
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How do you identify cheese made with animal rennet?

The process of turning milk into cheese involves using an enzyme called chymosin. Traditionally in the West, chymosin was obtained from rennet, a substance extracted from the stomachs of dead baby ...
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Is the cheese used in PizzaHut and at Dominos in Malaysia vegetarian?

Both of these big food chains provide vegetarian pizzas in most of the country, but is the cheese used in their pizza free from animal enzyme?
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What are the best sources of vitamin B12 for vegetarians?

What are the best sources of vitamin B12 for vegetarians? Can milk and yogurt make up an adequate daily intake?
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Is "starter" in yogurt vegetarian?

закваска which is an ingredient in Bulgarian yogurt is translated as starter in English. Is this ingredient vegetarian?
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What kinds of vegetarian meal options are available on airlines?

I'm flying to Asia in the summer and I noticed a long list of special diets that are available. In Europe, I have always been able to order a cheese sandwich instead of one that contains meat. Is that ...
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Why is egg commonly allowed in vegetarian food?

Very often when talking about vegetarian food, in restaurants or on labels for food, eggs are considered as suitable for vegetarians. There are some labels "lacto-vegetarian" but not so common (at ...
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What cheese is considered vegetarian?

Most cheeses aren't vegetarian. Are there any types of cheeses which are? I'm not asking for specific products, but general information on when cheese is not considered vegetarian (e.g. removing some ...
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