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Asking whether a particular product is vegetarian or not, and exploring the edges of what is considered vegetarian. Process contamination, obscure ingredients, and products of unknown composition.

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Are Algerian, samurai, and barbeque sauces vegetarian?

I live in France and I am vegetarian (I eat milk and milk products but not meat, eggs) and I am not a native of Europe. In France, when one orders sandwich at a shop, there is the option to take a ...
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Is caviar considered to be vegetarian?

As I understand it, caviar is essentially fish eggs, which should be equally fine for vegetarians as birds' eggs. But I was raised (as a vegetarian) to avoid caviar, although chicken and duck eggs ...
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Are these fairtrade chocolates vegetable-product or do they contain non-veg elements?

We eat vegetables and milk. And we do NOT eat eggs, fish, meat or any animal product. Are these two chocolates made up of milk + vegetables or do they contain any non-veg elements as stated above? I'...
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Why do restaurants consider fish vegetarian?

I am in the United States, and I have walked into multiple vegetarian restaurants in the last year that have had fish in their menu. When asked they simply say that they consider it a "sea-...
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Is there a vegan or vegetarian instant noodles?

In Australia, but don't mind global suggestions. I have tried looking for some good noodles that are decent and are on the hot and spicy side of the flavour scale.
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Why vegetarian food is considered to be the best food? [closed]

A vegetarian diet is high in fiber, vitamins, minerals and low in saturated fats. This keeps your blood pressure and cholesterol levels in check. Over-time, regular consumption of such a diet can ...
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What non-vegetarian and/or non-vegan ingredients can be found in cosmetics?

Veganism is defined as "a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other ...
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Soda stream syrup vegetarian?

What soda stream syrups are vegetarian in nature? We have several at home & I figured that others that are considering getting one that a vegetarians might want to know as well! If they aren’t ...
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Vegetarian Mini-Pill (Progestin Only Birth Control)

Does anyone know if any of the "mini pill" brands of progestin-only birth control are vegetarian? I need progestin only options for medical reasons (options which contain estrogen are not options due ...
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Could clean/cultured meat be ethically OK for vegetarians but not vegans?

Clean/cultured meat doesn't harm any animal and is grown industrially. Could clean/cultured meat fit into a Vegetarian's diet? Cultured meat's an animal product created using animal cells and ...
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Is mushroom vegetarian or non-vegetarian?

Some vegetarians avoid eating mushrooms. Are mushrooms a non-vegetarian product? if so, what makes them non-vegetarian, and why do vegetarians avoid eating mushrooms?
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Why isn't rennet vegetarian?

From Wikipedia: Rennet /ˈrɛnɪt/ is a complex set of enzymes produced in the stomachs of ruminant mammals. Every official-ish source I've seen (, Webster, Vergetarian Society, ...
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How non-vegetarian is non-vegetarian cheese?

Most cheeses, at least from e.g France, seem to use animals rennet to make the cheese. This comes from a killed animal, so it's not vegetarian. My question is, how much actually goes into cheese? Is ...
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Is the cheese used in PizzaHut and at Dominos in Malaysia vegetarian?

Both of these big food chains provide vegetarian pizzas in most of the country, but is the cheese used in their pizza free from animal enzyme?
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Is usage of corals vegetarian and/or vegan?

I did a quick google on the topic and the only sensible thing was this Yahoo answer. However, I wanted to check here as well. Also, according to Wikipedia corals are animals (marine invertebrates) ...
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Is "starter" in yogurt vegetarian?

закваска which is an ingredient in Bulgarian yogurt is translated as starter in English. Is this ingredient vegetarian?
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Do some vegetarians eat gelatin?

Gelatin is an animal byproduct. Nonetheless, I know many self-identified vegetarians who eat gelatin anyway. Are there reasons for being vegetarian (e.g. religious) that allow the consumption of ...
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What cheese is considered vegetarian?

Most cheeses aren't vegetarian. Are there any types of cheeses which are? I'm not asking for specific products, but general information on when cheese is not considered vegetarian (e.g. removing some ...
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Why are a lot of beer and wines non-vegetarian?

The vast majority of beer and wines aren't vegetarian. I believe it is fish bladders that are used to make the drink clearer. What is the vegetarian alternative to this and why isn't it more widely ...
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Can those who eat insects be considered vegetarians?

If one eats insects as part of their diet, can it be considered vegetarian?
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