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Does personification of animals in fictional media like Peppa Pig and Donald Duck promote cultural reconsideration of those animals as delicacies?

I wondered whether Peppa was a pig to promote the idea of pigs as lovable pets rather than delicacies. It turns out that it wasn't the case. However, that led me wondering if there is any evidence ...
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5 votes
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What were the original aims of The Vegan Society (UK)?

The Vegan Society (UK) was founded in 1944 -- that much is easy to discover on their website. But I've heard that the goals of the Vegan Society have changed and evolved over time as different people ...
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9 votes
2 answers

Is there a detailed, global history of vegetarianism and veganism available online?

I would like to know if there is any detailed, research-based history of vegetarianism and/or veganism available online. Ideally, I am looking for something global that avoids an ethnocentric ...
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Is it true that no traditional culture ever subsisted on a pure plant-based diet?

Dr. Weston A. Price claims in his Nutrition and Physical Degeneration that a plant-based diet never sustained any traditional culture. As yet I have not found a single group of primitive racial ...
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What vegan or animal rights events have spread internationally?

In the past few years the environmentalism movement has seen large events like New York’s “People’s Climate March” turn into international events where many cities rallied around the same message. ...
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5 votes
2 answers

What American civil war era recipes are vegan/vegetarian?

What American civil war era recipes are vegetarian/vegan? The only vegetarian dish I know of (and this may be a stretch) is potato dumplings, I modified this recipe into potato and carrot dumplings ...
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11 votes
2 answers

What are the historical roots of antispeciesism?

Antispeciesism (the opposition to discrimination and abuse based on the fact that another being belong to a different species) is strongly related to the ideology of the vegan movement. However, how ...
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What are some cultures, both modern and historic, that required vegetarianism? [closed]

Vegetarianism has a number of precedents throughout history and I'm wondering how many different regions of the world and cultural traditions incorporated it.
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17 votes
2 answers

What's the origin of veganism?

Veganism is for me intricately linked to animal rights' movements. Vegetarianism can be argued to be okay, since it (theoretically) doesn't necessarily kill the animals involved in producing milk and ...
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When did the modern vegetarian movement start?

I know there has been vegetarians all over the world throughout history. When did the modern "Western" movement start and who began it? I've been reading about anti-vivisection in the 1870s and I'm ...
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