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How accurate are Cowspiracy’s claims about the livestock industry?

The documentary movie "Cowspiracy" makes many claims about water footprint, greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, and other environmental issues. How accurate are these claims? Have any of the ...
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How many vegans are needed to reach the Kyoto protocol target?

This is a pretty mathematical question. Given that: vegan diet has a greatly reduced environmental impact due to the smaller amount of greenhouse gases emissions (useful links: 1 2) world population ...
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How much is a person's greenhouse gas footprint reduced by eating vegetarian?

Animal agriculture has been identified as playing a large role in climate change. I am interested in how much of a difference someone can make through diet changes. How much is the average North ...
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Relationship between vegetarianism and global warming

It is said that going vegetarian can help reduce global warming. What research has been done to support this or against it. Also, if true, to what extent is it effective as compared to other methods ...
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Is it true that giving up red meat would cut more carbon emissions than giving up my car?

I've heard it mentioned that removing red meat from my diet would cut more carbon emissions than giving up my car - is this true?
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