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Is there a vegan cineol (eucalypus oil) capsule supplement?

Cineol is used to treat respiratory illnesses, and one typical way to take it is in a gelatine capsule. The reason for doing so is that the oil passes mouth and stomach in the capsule, it would not be ...
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Can pescetarians eat gelatin?

I'm a pescetarian, and I accidentally took a gum not knowing that there was some beef gelatin in it. Am I allowed to do that?
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Milk substitute for home-made glue

Home-brewers often use milk-based recipes — or literally just milk — to glue labels to bottles. Presumably it's the casein in the milk that allows this to work. This kind of glue has the advantage ...
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Is eating gelatin consistent with veganism on consequentialist grounds?

I consume (very) few animal products, mostly on ethical grounds, however, I have been wondering about gelatin, which may people shy away from. I am a consequentialist, I have no issue with the act of ...
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Does the national health insurance in Germany cover the costs of more expensive medicine if the cheapest variant is non-vegan?

In the general case, pharmacies in Germany are required to give out the cheapest prescription-only medicine. Doctors may overrule this (e.g., by marking the aut idem field). If the cheapest medicine ...
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What are some vegan substitutes for gelatine in terms of health benefits?

Gelatine is traditionally considered good for joints and skin, good for production of collagen etc. Is there a vegan substitute that offers similar health benefits as gelatine? I am ideally looking ...
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Is there a way to take medications that come in capsules that may be gelatine?

Reading another answer here I realised that medication capsules are likely made out of gelatine. Is there an alternative way to take the medication? Might this affect the medication? I take very ...
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Do some vegetarians eat gelatin?

Gelatin is an animal byproduct. Nonetheless, I know many self-identified vegetarians who eat gelatin anyway. Are there reasons for being vegetarian (e.g. religious) that allow the consumption of ...
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