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Is it possible to build muscle on a vegan diet with only two or three meals a day

Perhaps a question generic to body-building, but I'm hoping that there are vegan specific answers, given that many have cited differences. I know I can get all the required nutrients on a plant-based ...
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2 answers

Are vegan children weaker than average?

Have there been any studies or surveys which study association between strength, endurance, or other physical fitness measures in relation to vegan or vegetarian diets? I've heard that drinking cow's ...
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Does veganism help with yoga practice? How?

A vegetarian (or even vegan) diet is often suggested to yogis, people who practice yoga. Does veganism have any positive effect on the practice of yoga, compared to a vegetarian or omnivorous diet? ...
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Are there any specifics related to veganism and working out?

I used to workout quite a lot when I was omnivore and vegetarian but have not visited the gym for some time because of a back injury. When transitioning from omnivore to vegetarian, I did not do any ...
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