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Is Omega 3 missing from vegan diets?

Is Omega 3 missing from vegan diets? Are there any food supplements that provide Omega 3 not derived from animals?
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Why do many vegans avoid products which contain palm oil?

Palm oil itself is vegetable-based and animal-free, so why do many vegans consider products which contain it to be unsuitable to purchase/consume?
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Where do vegans get their Omega-3's? [not ALA]

I'm talking specifically EPA and DHA, neither of which are found in any food source except marine biota. Microalgae is the only vegan source I know of but it's almost nonexistent in most vegan ...
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How does cooking affect Omega 3 oils in flax, chia and other seeds?

I often use chia and flax seeds in my baking, mainly to help bind the mixture (sometimes to replace egg). I know they're a great source of Omega 3 (potentially scarce in veg*n diets) when raw, but I ...
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