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For questions relating to Vegan and Vegetarian food within the European Union.

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Foreign food packaging: translated ingredient list is wildly incorrect and non-veg: how is this allowed?

I wanted to raise a warning, but also a question for something I've seen happen a couple a times already on food packaging of imported Chinese food products: The list of ingredients in the translated ...
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Benefits for the used animals when producing according to the EU Eco regulation?

In 2010, the EU introduced an organic certification label for agricultural products that meet the criteria of the EU Eco regulation. Alice doesn’t want to avoid animal products, but she wants to ...
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Food ingredients (in the EU) where it’s uncertain whether they are vegan or not

In the European Union, what are the ingredients (as listed on the labels of packaged food products) where it’s uncertain whether they are vegan or non-vegan? So I’m not asking about ingredients that ...
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