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Wearable items created from natural/synthetic fibres or animal products (leather, fur, wool, down, silk).

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Alternatives to leather for shoes/boots?

Unfortunately I have found leather a good material for some uses. About 10 years ago (before I was vegetarian) I was given a leather belt and leather wallet which I use daily. So far the wear on them ...
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Vegan, slaughter free silk and related stem cell synthetic textiles (clothing) [duplicate]

I was wondering whether it is possible to produce vegan silk, that can be obtained without having to kill a cocoon in its nest. Is it possible to produce vegan slaughter free silk using the methods of ...
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Is "vegetable tanned full grain leather" plant-based or animal-based?

Just saw on Amazon a product with vegetable tanned leather. Is vegetable tanned leather plant-based or animal-based? If it is animal-based, so that I will not buy it, because I am against animal ...
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Durable Trekking Boots (vegan)

Where can I find a pair of durable vegan boots for trekking? I'm specifically looking for a goodyear-welted boot, so that they are heavy, durable, and I can take them to any-old boot shop to have them ...
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What are some warm clothing options for vegans?

I’m unable to find vegan wool and I don’t like purchasing petroleum based products. What can I wear to keep warm?
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What material should I look for if I want a durable/comfortable vegan shoe?

I'm the kind of person who tends to buy one pair of shoes and wear them almost all the time until they fall apart. While I'm vegan in most aspects of my life, shoes is one of the things that I've yet ...
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How to tell the difference between faux fur and animal fur?

Last year there was a scandal about real fur being labelled as synthetic/fake/faux fur, which of course would be unacceptable for vegans who are seeking to avoid supporting the exploitation of animals....
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Are DM vegan shoes less waterproof than the leather versions?

I have a pair of Dr Martens 1460 Vegan Black shoes. Every time I wear them in the (not really strong) rain, I get slightly wet feet quickly, mostly at the toes. Is this normal? Some years ago I had ...
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Vegan wool alternative other than synthetic fiber?

I read this post about vegan clothing, but I'm wondering what are the best alternatives to wool for warm clothing (i.e. sweater), which would be suitable for countries with some snow and temperatures ...
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Where can one buy vegan winter earmuffs?

Update Found this set of earmuffs after including "polar fleece" in the search results. Here is another pair available in the UK found by a different user. Original Question I've been finding it ...
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Is there clothing for vegans?

According to this article having vegan clothing should not be very complicated, as it simply means avoiding some materials: Here’s a list of things to avoid, if you want to keep dead animals out ...
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Are there any vegan BDSM products?

Are there any vegan alternatives to leather-based BDSM products (clothing, whips, even handcuffs have a leather covering sometimes)?
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Is there a shop selling vegan sneakers in France?

Are there any vegan sneakers that you can actually try physically before buying in France? Most of the (European) brands that I've found so far only sell online. I know that Vans has some vegan ...
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Does a "vegan leather" exist?

Since I still have leather shoes, and since I will certainly need new shoes later for my work days, does a "vegan leather" exist? As my work requires some presentation efforts, it would be great to ...
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