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Vegan, slaughter free silk and related stem cell synthetic textiles (clothing) [duplicate]

I was wondering whether it is possible to produce vegan silk, that can be obtained without having to kill a cocoon in its nest. Is it possible to produce vegan slaughter free silk using the methods of ...
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Can I neuter/spay/desex my dogs as a vegan?

We have 2 male dogs and one younger female dog at home and all of them are intact. The problem is that our male dogs are aggressive and sometimes fight really hard over our female dog. My vet told me ...
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Do cows sometime hide their calves because of fear they'll be taken away?

There are many posts and videos reporting that a cow hid her calves because she knew farmers would take her away. But according to this site, Most cows will hide their newborn for the first couple of ...
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Is there a way to determine what kinds of fish tend to feel the smallest amount of pain?

I am asking this question because I am trying to make my diet less cruelty-oriented, for this reason this question can be related to trolley problem since I am coping with an ethical problem trying to ...
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Ethicality of cooking lobster

I have seen that, beforre boiling live lobsters, chefs usually sit it down and stroke the back of its neck. I have heard that this puts the lobster in a trance but my friend says it just paralyses it. ...
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What happens when an animal gets spooked on the way to slaughter and refuses to continue?

Apologies if this isn't appropriate for this SE - it was the most relevant one I could find. When animals are being led to slaughter, I imagine it must happen occasionally that one gets the sense ...
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What's veganism position towards non-human animal euthanasia?

That question stroke me this morning. Veganism is about not making decisions affecting non-human animal lives. Letting them live, and trying not to hurt them as much as possible. Planète Vegan, the ...
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Is it true that some plants kill and eat animals?

I had a discussion with some friends about vegetarianism, I explain to them that animals "suffer" during their slaughter, and some reasons that push me to be vegetarian .. They were against, one of ...
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Benefits for the used animals when producing according to the EU Eco regulation?

In 2010, the EU introduced an organic certification label for agricultural products that meet the criteria of the EU Eco regulation. Alice doesn’t want to avoid animal products, but she wants to ...
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Does growing crops kill more animals than raising cows on pasture?

In 2003, Steven L. Davis published an analysis in the Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics which speculates: Is it possible that some other agricultural production alternatives may ...
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Has any government banned animal slaughter for human consumption? Was it effective for increasing animal rights?

Personally I think that it would be better to make animal slaughter illegal as to the extent which is possible. I feel that this would help to improve their conditions. However I am also aware that ...
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How can I prove to people that going vegan reduces animal slaughter?

I was issued with a challenge the other day: ok you show me that as veganism has increased, animal slaughter has decreased. Which in my mind is nonsensical, because There are other factors at ...
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Which animal species is the most negatively affected by indirect human activities?

Realising the direct impact humans have on animal species is easy - it is obvious and intended. Changing one's actions so as to not impact these animals is therefore easy as well, one just stops doing ...
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Do larvae feel pain? [closed]

Some fruits, like organic guayabas or mangos, are very likely to have "worms" inside. However, they are not exactly "worms", but larvae of flies. I'm not sure whether I would be causing harm by eating ...
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Do bivalves such as oysters feel pain or fear?

In moral arguments for veganism, the pain, stress, and fear experienced by animals is often given as an argument. I have read some arguments that vegetarians should be OK with eating oysters and ...
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